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Cost-Effective & Comfortable Assisted Living

Discover a life that perfectly blends the comfort, stability, and ease of home living with the benefits of a community that truly cares. Each lifestyle is designed to foster a life of emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing, whether you choose assisted living, memory care, or respite care.

No matter the lifestyle you pick, you can expect our team to deliver the absolute best in senior living care. Regardless of your needs, we are committed to you.

Our Community

Merryvale Assisted Living offers idyllic rural living with the opportunity to visit and explore our surrounding communities. We are situated just north of the beautiful community of Covington (just across the street from The Church at Covington) and only 35 minutes from Atlanta.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the finest quality senior living with an emphasis on the important family values of compassion, integrity, and respect.

Our Core Values


You deserve to be heard. Whatever you’re feeling or thinking, you can rely on our caregivers to be there for you.


We do what’s right, even if nobody is there to see it. We strive for the level of care that you deserve, and we work tirelessly to provide it.


No matter your background, choices, or opinions, you will be treated with the utmost respect in every circumstance.

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Where to Find Us

We can be found right across the street from The Church At Covington. You can access our parking lot from Industrial Park Boulevard Northeast.

Our Address

11980 Highway 142
Oxford, GA 30054

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