It’s been almost four years since I moved in and I think the activities are 100%. Here we have opportunities to do something every day and I like that. I do everything I can. If they overlook something or I need something extra they will do it.

Annie B (Resident)

I think the management is really great. I haven’t had any troubles. The activities are awesome. The care givers are amazing, It takes a special person to work in this industry. They are so kind. They are great. I totally trust them and I couldn’t ask for anybody else to take care of her.

Lori L (Sister)

The dining is beyond what we ever expected. They are just wonderful. The care here has been beyond belief. They spoil my mother-in-law rotten.

Liz C (Daughter in law)

Management is very easy to work with, they answer all of our questions, we have no problems with management at all. Maintenance has been very good and the housekeeper is very good as well.

Richard A (Son-in-law)

We definitely like Gena in management and the way she works, she runs a very tight ship. The whole place is very well maintained and nice, I like it, if it was me, I’d go there.

Thomas H

Everyone I’ve ever dealt with is friendly and they’re taking care of her safety. The building always looks nice and clean. She seems to enjoy the food and I know they offer activities every day.

Tim M (Son)

We were just really impressed with the amount of staff they have, how they interacted with the residents and the activities. It’s very beautiful, well landscaped, always fresh and clean; it’s very well kept. Management really walked us through every phase of everything. From the Director on down, they were just really helpful. Anything they could do to help, they did, it was wonderful. Any problem or concern we’ve had, they’ve addressed it immediately. For what you’re getting, the staff and how well everything has gone, we have peace of mind there and that says a lot.

Cindy B (Daughter)

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